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  • Visual Studio
  • ASP.Net MVC Razor
  • ASP.Net Web Forms
  • C#, VB, ASP.Net
  • LINQ
  • .NET Framework 
  • MS SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access
  • Crystal Reports
  • Windows Forms
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Javascript
  • AJAX, JSON, JQuery
  • VSS
  • DotNetNuke
  • Macromedia Flash
  • Macromedia Fireworks
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver
  • Legacy Software and SQL based systems
  • CorVision


Cross Products, Inc. has developed a portfolio of software solutions in both the web domain and the desktop client/server world.  Below are listed a few examples of products, recent custom software development, system integration services, data conversion and web development as well as a couple of client testimonials.


  • D2CRM

D2CRM  - a Distributor/Dealer CRM Solution for the web.  This application package is offered as a base system for CRM (Customer) and DRM (Dealer), with optional modules for Sales, Marketing, Warranty Claims, Service and Manufacturing. System users are organized into various roles with different dashboards for each role. User roles include Distributor (super users for sales and warranties), Territory Manager, Dealer (users for sales and warranties), Super Dealers (user in charge of a family of Dealerships - for both sales and warrantyies), Manufacturing (users for sales and warranties), Service Manager, Accounting Manager and Yard Manager.

  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management (a Desktop Client/Server Solution) 

    This client/server windows system was built as a generic sales and marketing solution and was originally used by Dupont Tyvek. Our CRM offering includes the following features:

    • Customer information management (including communication tracking) 
    • Inbound and outbound call tracking
    • Fulfillment request processing (kits and literature)
    • Custom surveys/scripts and results tracking
    • Lead source tracking and forwarding
  • CRM-Claims - Warranties and Claims Processing

    Warranties and Claims Processing was developed as an extension of our CRM system.  It is used to manage the claims process. This was originally designed and used to handle Dupont Stainmaster Carpet warranties, but it is a system that is easily adaptable to other products for which there is a need to manage warranties and claims.  Companies interested in consolidating the consumer care function across various product lines will be interested in this product.

    • Customer purchase tracking
    • Inbound customer problems/complaints
    • Customer resolution attempts (e.g. carpet cleaning, carpet replacement, etc.)
    • Lab test tracking (e.g. for carpet, this would be to confirm the origin of the carpet fiber) 
    • Fulfillment processing (offer letters, handling instructions, agreements, etc.)
    • Warranty resolution (refunds, replacements, upgrade allowances, etc.) 
    • Communication and call tracking
    • Service referrals


Consulting Services and Custom Solutions - examples  (with testimonials)

  • Geringhoff Distribution, LLC.

D2CRM Customized Solution. CPI's D2CRM software customized for the needs of Geringhoff Distribution, LLC.  Geringhoff uses D2CRM to manage product flow from initial order to delivery, product registration, warranty claims, service history and marketing. The system is used by Geringhoff Distribution, LLC,  Geringhoff Manufacturing, LLC (located in Germany and the US), Geringhoff territory managers and Geringhoff authorized dealers. This D2CRM system interfaces with Geringhoff's accounting software for billing purposes.

  • Harvest Guard, LLC

Custom Warranty and Claims system for managing extended warranties and claims on Geringhoff products.

  • Energy Solutions / Zion Solutions (Zion, Ill site)

Custom earned value/time phased reports from a COBRA Earned Value Management database.

  • Energy Solutions (Oak Ridge, TN site)

    Web-based Integration software between legacy systems used by the client and a new accounting package being adapted for the customer's use.

Customer comment: Daryl Grantham, Senior Director, Information Systems:

"By far the best contract programmers we've worked with. Your code is clean and easy to understand and you worked to complete the project. "

  • URS, Washington Division   (Idaho Falls, ID)

    Numerous mission-critical data migration projects - as well as data mining and system integration projects for Washington Safety Management Solutions to facilitate the process of bidding for multi-billion dollar federal government (DOE) contracts.

  • DuPont - Fibers Division (Wilmington, DE; Kennesaw, Georgia)

    Designed and implemented CRM software with Warranties and Claims tools. Worked with this division for over 9 years until the division was purchased by an external entity.

Customer comment: Danny Wigley, Principal Consultant to DuPont and President of Global Systems Group, Inc.

"This testimonial comes from someone who has been active in the IT business for over 40 years. In that time I have worked on a multitude of enterprise sized projects both as an analyst/programmer and as a project leader. During that time I worked closely with 22 programmers. I can say this without hesitation—that Kaaren Stuck is without a doubt the most gifted analyst/programmer that I have ever had the pleasure of working with!

Kaaren began working as an independent contractor for my company in November of 1995 on a major inbound telemarketing project for Dupont that required a moderate size database and real-time performance. When that project was finished and in maintenance mode, she moved to another project in Dupont to implement a warranty tracking system for its residential carpet business. This application required a sizeable and complex database that also required real-time performance response. Kaaren, as the lead analyst, did a superb job in bringing the system up on-time and in budget and continued on to maintain it throughout its life. That contract was terminated in July of  2005. Anyone who has been around the IT contracting business knows that a 10+ year run with a large company is a qualifying testimony in itself!

Along the way, in February of 1997, Kaaren convinced me to bring her husband Jim aboard. Kaaren is strong on the application side of the IT business and Jim is strong on the system side. Besides complimentary skills, they work very well together and are to be commended.

Characteristics that distinguish Kaaren and Jim are competence, dependability and collegiality. If I had a project that needed excellence in both execution and administration I would hire them both in a heart beat!"




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